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$20000 to $60000 per year

Front End
Node js nop

Job description

EyeSeeTea, a Spanish startup in the NGO and research domain, is looking for a Web developer to join its engineers’ team with worldwide projects. The developer will be hired to accomplish very concrete work packages. Eventually, a new position in the team could be created in the following months. We are looking for developers with proven front-end web experience who are self-confessed techies with a passion for clean code available to work from home. Independence is a must. Our company has a high projection in the world of IT for developing environments and research. You will become part of a relaxed but professional software development team, involved in a wide range of international and cutting-edge projects and many opportunities for furthering your knowledge of robust web development, UX, user interface design and relational databases. Other projects in related technologies may appear in the near future. Please reference this when applying: RMjcuNTguMzUuMA==